Ownership and Management

ANZCO is 100% owned by Japan’s Itoham Yonekyu. Our management team is based in New Zealand, with the full support of Itoham Yonekyu and the ANZCO board, ensuring ANZCO Foods continues to position itself as a leader in the New Zealand food sector


Kazuhiko (Sam) Misonou


ANZCO's new Chairman Kazuhiko (Sam) Misonou took up the role in April 2018.

Sam initially joined the ANZCO Board in 2013 and has worked in beef processing and feedlot operations in Australia. Sam also spent six years in the pork industry in the United States and has worked extensively in the meat industry in Japan.

In 2016, Sam became President of ANZCO shareholder Itoham Yonekyu.

He is ANZCO's fourth Chairman.