Ownership and Management

ANZCO is 100% owned by Japan’s Itoham Yonekyu. Our management team is based in New Zealand, with the full support of Itoham Yonekyu and the ANZCO board, ensuring ANZCO Foods continues to position itself as a leader in the New Zealand food sector

Kristie_GardenerKirstie Gardener

General Manager Human Resources

Kirstie Gardener joined ANZCO in 2014.  Kirstie is a senior Human Resource executive and brings more than 20 years of experience to ANZCO’s senior leadership team.  Kirstie oversees organisational development, human resources, health and safety, communications, payroll and ANZCO’s sustainability programme – Journey for Good.  Kirstie is originally from the UK and started her career with Airtours a publicly listed major UK tour operator. In New Zealand Kirstie has held leadership roles with Holcim New Zealand, General Cable, Solid Energy and the Ministry of Health and has worked extensively with global teams. 

When not involved directly with ANZCO’s business Kirstie enjoys keeping up with her busy teenage children’s sporting and school and university activities and enjoys snow skiing, travel and tramping.