Ownership and Management

ANZCO is 100% owned by Japan’s Itoham Yonekyu. Our management team is based in New Zealand, with the full support of Itoham Yonekyu and the ANZCO board, ensuring ANZCO Foods continues to position itself as a leader in the New Zealand food sector

Itoham Yonekyu

ItohamItoham Foods Inc, is Japan's second largest meat based manufactured and processed foods company. Founded in 1928, Itoham Foods has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1961.In April 2016 Itoham Foods became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Itoham Yonekyu Holdings (IYH). Itoham Yonekyu was created as a vehicle for the merger of Itoham Foods and Yonekyu Holdings which at the time of the merger were the second and seventh largest meat processing and marketing companies in Japan.

For more information see the Itoham website, www.itoham.co.jp