Ownership and Management

ANZCO is 100% owned by Japan’s Itoham Yonekyu. Our management team is based in New Zealand, with the full support of Itoham Yonekyu and the ANZCO board, ensuring ANZCO Foods continues to position itself as a leader in the New Zealand food sector

Peter Conley

Peter Conley

Group Chief Executive

Peter Conley has been with ANZCO since 1991.  He has held various sales and marketing roles, including a role with Crown Marketing Limited when it became part of the ANZCO Group in 1997.  In 2002 Peter was appointed General Manager of Crown Marketing.

Peter and his family moved to Chicago in 2005, where he was responsible for the ANZCO's North American operations.

He returned to New Zealand in 2010 and was appointed CEO Harvest in 2013 looking after agriculture & livestock, processing and sales & marketing including overseeing ANZCO's five international operations in Japan, Taiwan, North America, UK and Europe.

Peter is married and has two adult children.  Some of his interests include sports, travel, cooking, fishing and keeping fit.