Christchurch Earthquake Update

On 22 February 2011, Christchurch was rocked by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that has profoundly affected many people’s lives.

We all understand how disruptive the impact of this natural disaster has been, and while Christchurch has received generous support and assistance over the last few weeks, the effects of the earthquake will still be felt for many years to come.


ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust

In order to provide ongoing support within our community ANZCO have established an Earthquake Trust Account.

We will be matching dollar for dollar all donations made to the trust up to $500,000. ANZCO's Chairman, Graeme Harrison, has made a personal donation of $5,000 to show his support and start the ball rolling.

All proceeds from donations, plus ANZCOs contributions will be directed to the relief effort. Please donate online or by visiting your nearest Westpac branch. If you're an ANZCO Foods Ltd employee, you can also donate directly from your pay.

Please see the FAQ’s below for instructions and options for donations.

The bank account details for the fund are:

Name: ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust
Bank: Westpac
Account Number: 03 1592 0613410 00



Supporting in Many Ways

Following the widespread devastation caused by this earthquake ANZCO Foods employees, together with a number of helpers banded together to provide community assistance. For eight days, our team travelled to the Eastern suburbs to assist with the clean up efforts in the worst affected areas by providing much needed sustenance for the volunteers. It is estimated that over 7000 barbequed lunches of ANZCO product were provided to residents, volunteers and officials in the worst affected areas over that time.

Helping out


Federated Farmers Adverse Events Trust

CMP and Riverlands are also participating in the Federated Farmers initiative and are co-ordinating donations of funds to the Federated Farmers Adverse Event Trust. The funds from all nominated livestock sent to CMP or Riverlands will be donated to the Federated Farmers Christchurch Earthquake Fund.

If you are a CMP or Riverlands farmer and would like to donate, please contact your livestock representative in the first instance.



ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust FAQs

1. Is the ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust set up as a registered charity?
ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust will be a registered charity with the New Zealand Charities Commission, making your donation tax refundable.

2. How can I make a donation to the ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust?
It’s simple. You can make a donation to the established trust account in one of three ways;

  1. Donate online from your personal bank account.
  1. Visit your nearest Westpac branch in person to make a deposit.  To find your nearest branch click here.
  1. Anzco employees can donate directly from their pay. Payroll Giving enables you to donate to the trust directly from your pay and claim an immediate 33.3% tax credit via PAYE on your donation. 

For example, if you donate $150, the actual cost to you is $100. Previous to the introduction of Payroll Giving, donors had to save their donation receipts and claim the tax refund back at the end of the tax year.

3. I’m an ANZCO Foods Ltd employee, can I donate through payroll?
Yes, you can, through Payroll Giving. Please check the ANZCO Foods Ltd Intranet for more details.
Your donation will be clearly detailed in your ensuing pay slip.

4. What are the account details for the ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust?
Name:   ANZCO Foods Earthquake Trust
Bank: Westpac
Account Number: 03 1592 0613410 00

5. How much can I give to the Earthquake Trust?
You can give as much or as little as you would like. As our Prime Minister John Key said “No act of kindness is too small”.

REMEMBER that ANZCO will be matching all donations made dollar for dollar up to $500,000.

6. How do I claim a tax rebate on my donation?
For more information on how to claim your tax rebate click here.

7. Where are the funds being directed?
All proceeds from donations, plus ANZCOs contributions will be directed to the relief effort. 

7. Can you send me a receipt for my donation?
Yes, we can provide a receipt for any donation above $5. If you require a receipt, please email us at with the following details:

  1. The name of the person/organisation making the donation
  2. Your email and postal address
  3. Donation amount
  4. Date of your donation
  5. Any additional information you may require to get a tax rebate or deduction and any country specific tax requirements

We will then send you a receipt for your donation within 28 days.

7. Can I donate from overseas?
Yes, to donate to the fund from overseas, you can complete a telegraphic transfer (TT) to the bank account details listed above, or contact your local bank on the easiest way to deposit in to a New Zealand bank account. The swiftcode is WPACNZ2W.

8. What if I have another question?
Simply send us an email at